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2015-April 06-Rescue-Blind Dog

This morning we got a call from one gentle woman with a quote that  " A dog has struck in the middle of a pond for more than two days and the same has to be rescued". At-once I went with my friend Mohan RC to the spot. That pond was located in sastri road, Trichy filled with full of agaya thamarai leaves, which will circulate around our body.

We could see the dog howling.  We at-once tried for Fire force, but they said they will attend only home dogs. Our second thought went to municipality corporation and the same message from them too. We went in person to the fire station too and explained the critical situation and then they agreed to help us. But they did not get into the action immediately.

Then we thought of a good choice that is Mr. David, the dog catcher who was in the IAR Team, Trichy. We called him.  Then Mr. David got into the pond with stick and rope and rescued the poor dog. After he was rescued, we cleaned the dog, gave milk, took him to a vet treated and gave him for adoption.  Sincere thanks to Mr. David, the man behind the rescue operation.