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2016-January 11-Treatment-Cut In Neck

Some idiot had tied a string belt very tight to this male stray pet near koothur, Trichy. Fortunately he was sighted by my aunt who used to take care many strays and cows. She gather info on that pet. It was shocking that this pet was suffering for more than 6 months from this cruelty and the people used to chase him as he had a bed smell due to pus formed in the neck. The belt had entered around the neck deeper.

I got call from my aunt reg the above case. I went with my core member Mr. Mohan RC. Took snaps of that pet and send the same to brother Muralidharan Sivalingam for advice. Based on his advice we concluded that this rescue has to be done with the involvement of the experts.  So we hired Mr. David and Mr. Francis, the professional dog handler, who had assisted us in many rescues previously.

They gave sedation, removed the string, gave antibiotic, painkillers, treated with nifasal powder and topicure plus spray.  My aunt will take care the pet hereafter till he gets cure. She also accepted to bear the full expenses with regard to the treatment.